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A Voyage from the Past,
and One for the Future


And so to our home port.

The organisers today provided a single start for the Historic Classic Class and it was very successful.   All five boats left in the class rendezvoused on the line and a clean start was called at 0836.

We had a great run down completing the 205 mile course in 7 hours 5 minutes and coming third again.   It was an interesting transit which included an assist for Xanthus when she reported fuel problems but these were righted before we got back to them and we also offered to help the crew of Garmin Racing who had a passenger injured.

Lowestoft is our home port and we arrived to a great welcome with people lining the harbour wall to welcome us home which was great and much appreciated after our harrowing week.   It seems strange to think that only a week ago, we were weather-bound in Brixham wondering how we would ever catch up with everyone.

Tomorrow will see us on the last leg to Portsmouth and the end of the event.   Our arrival today in Lowestoft does mark the end of another circum-navigation of the UK since we started from here two weeks ago but we will do the next leg - just in case we decide to go round again to visit the places we missed first time around!

It will be strange to return to "normal" life but we will have lots to remember!

Our captain

More tonic water I guess???

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