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A Voyage from the Past,
and One for the Future

Edinburgh to Newcastle.

Forth Bridge start shot

Well, we completed another leg today and came 4th in our class this time.  Xanthus - the Fairey Huntsman whom we beat yesterday - was still smarting after we outpaced her at the end, set off at a spanking pace and ended the day 10 minutes ahead of us.   However, I bet they didn't have ham and cheese sandwiches, crisps, a cup of tea/coffee/fruit and a chocolate bar for lunch sitting in comfort in the dry!   There is a lot to be said for a wheelhouse as opposed to an open cockpit!

The run was uneventful although the weather picked up about 20 miles from landfall and we began to ship green water over the roof again though nothing like as much as we did before we took shelter at Brixham.   That all happened only seven days ago but it seems an age away - of course a lot has happened in that time.

The coast of England is impressive from the sea and we saw a lot of it today.

We will see more tomorrow on the run South to Lowestoft our home port.  Whenever we start we will take at least 8 hours to complete the 205 miles.   Unfortunately, the race organisers are unable to accommodate our request for an earlier start than 8.30am and so friends and family may have a long wait as we may not make Lowestoft until 5pm or latier.

Our arrival will complete the second trip around the UK for Pirate - a commendable achievement for a boat 40 years old - and her crew who number 227 years between us!

There will only be one leg left after that to Portsmouth and the prize-giving although - sadly - it is not likely we will return with silverware but we will have many memories and - like most of them in life - some will be more pleasant than others.

Watch this space!

PS.   Another of my crew feeling fatigued - must be something in the (tonic) water!


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