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A Voyage from the Past,
and One for the Future


In Inverness

Well, after our horrors of Saturday and Sunday we left Brixham on Monday morning with a forecast F3 - 4 for the Lizard and Land's End ringing in our ears!  We decided to go to Falmouth for fuel and then have a look at the state of play at the foot of the UK.

In fact, we found things quite good although a trifle sloppy around the Lizard and headed up the East Coast of Ireland to get some relief from the weather.   We thought we could make Bangor but another niggling fuel fault meant we had to slow down for a couple of hours and so we spent the night in Dun Laoghaire.

Because we could not make Bangor in time to start the race from there we went to Oban and then to Corpach for the transit yesterday of the Caledonian Canal and have now re-joined the rest of the fleet.

Caledonian Canal

The weather was not kind with many of the hills covered in mist and it rained but the scenery was stunning nonetheless.   We were allowed to run on the plane across the lochs to get through in the day and it was a sight to see the four Historic Classics running across Loch Ness at 37 knots - not many people get to do that!

323 & 185 transit

Today has been a relaxation day with a BBQ and a chance to do the odd things we have not done - like taking a bath - only kidding!

We have just moved to the Clachnaharry Sea Lock and are due off tomorrow on the run South - forecast is F3 - 4 and moderate seas but it is still blowing hard here so we wait to see.   After our experience on Saturday/Sunday I have total faith in the boat now and this time we will have others around.   That will seem strange since, up to now, we have been on our own apart from the disastrous start last Saturday and so far we have done 876 miles.

We have some good film footage and will put it on the site when we return - my Vodaphone card does not like big files!

All being well we should make Lowestoft on Sunday which will actually see our circumnavigation complete as we started from there in the first place!   We will continue of course to the finish and will be one of only three boats which will have gone all the way round by sea - a fact that will make us very pleased.

I will try to report further as the week progresses but these legs are long ones - tomorrow is 210 miles and we won't arrive in Edinburgh until about 6 - 8 pm depending on how things go.

I plan to write up the whole log afterwards so there will be an opportunity to share with us this adventure

As it used to say on the banner - Excelsior!


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