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A Voyage from the Past
and One for the Future

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As ready as can be.
20th June 2008. Read more >

Well, we are this far!
16th June 2008. Read more >

First sea trials - Feb 2008A major boost!
12th June 2008. Read more >

Can we have another week to prepare?
11th June 2008. Read more >

I don't believe it!!
1st June 2008. Read more >

PSP Southampton Boat Show.
23rd May 2008. Read more >

Trials and tribulations!
12th May 2008. Read more >

A message from the Palace!
9th May 2008. Read more >

Getting there!
6th May 2008. Read more >

News from the front!
20th April 2008. Read more >

The shape of things to come!
24th February 2008. Read more >

Progress at last and the Three Wise Men!
18th February 2008. Read more >

Making use of the time!
8th January 2008. Read more >

Nothing is ever simple is it?
18th December 2007. Read more >

Well, it's official now!
5th December 2007. Read more >

Back where she belongs!
23rd November 2007. Read more >

About to get her bottom wet!
16th November 2007. Read more >

In case of fire!
2nd November 2007. Read more >

Well on the way now! 
15th October 2007. Read more >

New Engines have been fitted.
14th September 2007. Read more >

Engines removed ready for new ones to be fitted.
18th July 2007. Read more >

Ocean Pirate leaves for Brooms.
2nd July 2007. Read more >