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A Voyage from the Past,
and One for the Future


Well, we are this far!

Going back in the waterAs reported in our last posting Cummins came on Friday and fitted the "final fix" for the fuel pump problems we have been experiencing and things seem OK - or they will be when we get the computer to understand the new kit!   However, that should be done tomorrow.   We went back in the water and everything seemed to work OK. 

We left Lowestoft on Saturday afternoon for Ramsgate and the trip went well even though we did have a small electrical problem and had to return to port for Tom to fix it.   We came to Portsmouth yesterday and again things went well although we did have some water in the stern cabin bilge as a result of the rudder bearing packing needing some attention but that will be done on Thursday after scrutineering.   Beachy HeadThe picture is of Beachy Head lighthouse as we past.   Didn't see anyone throwing themselves off the top although there have been times over the past month when I might have given it a passing thought!

We are now in Gunwharf Quays and it all seems unreal.   18 months of planning and now just 6 days to go.   No backing out now!

I hope there will be just one more update before we are off to say how things have gone during the week and that we are all OK so - again - watch this space!!

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