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A Voyage from the Past,
and One for the Future


Trials and tribulations!

At OstendWell, we said at the beginning that we would report our progress on the trials we undertake in preparation for the race - and any tribulations we experience along the way!

As mentioned in a previous note, we went for the longest trip so far last weekend.   We went to Ramsgate on Friday night taking just short of 3 hours.   We left on Saturday morning Fritesand went to the entrance to Dunkirk then up the French and Belgian coast to Ostend where we stayed for a couple of hours for refreshments and shopping.  OP was somewhat down by the head on the way back partly due to the shopping and partly due to the frites and mayonnaise eaten by the crew!   (Actually, I have to confess that Bob was only holding mine while I took the picture!)

All went well apart from a slight problem with low fuel pump pressure about half way across the North Sea.   We had to shut down to 2000rpm and 18 knots.   We have reported the issue to Cummins and we are confident that they will soon establish the cause - and the solution!

The new software has been installed in the Raymarine kit and seems to work OK although we had some discussion about how to move from one waypoint to another but that has now been solved.

The crew On Sunday the writer/photographer Richard Johnstone-Bryden (www.richardjohnstone-bryden.co.uk) came to take the "mug shots" as part of his ongoing preparation for a series of articles that he is working on about Ocean Pirate having got the ones at sea last week.   Note how the crew are gripping the rails - and that's in port!!

These are exciting - if exhausting - times with so much still to do and little time to do it all in but we will be on the line on 21 June come-what-may!

We hope to announce another development within the next few days so keep watching this space and - please - consider whether you can sponsor us or donate something towards the event.

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