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A Voyage from the Past,
and One for the Future


Getting there!

With less than 50 days to go the list of things to do seems to get longer as the days to do them in diminish!   However, we are getting on top of things now - I hope!

Last Saturday we did our longest trip so far - 134 miles around the North Norfolk coast to Wells and back although we did get a bit low on diesel on the return.   We now know that the boat runs well at 12 knots on one engine!   We also now know how much fuel we have in the green bit of the fuel indicator gauge!   The picture is of the Dutch Sailing vessel Mercedes which we past outside Gt Yarmouth.   Wind is certainly cheaper than diesel although the boat doesn't move as fast!

The final software for the Raymarine kit has now been released and we hope that will be uploaded this week so we can start to input the routes for each leg of the race.

We are planning to go from Lowestoft to Ramsgate on Friday night and then from there to Dunkirk - Nieuwport and Ostend before coming back to Lowestoft on Saturday evening.   This is likely to be the last long trip before we head for Portsmouth on 14/15 June although we will still be doing local work on MOB drills, handling, etc.

We are being lent an Iridium 9505a satellite phone for the race by Nigel Darling of Gardline Communications Gt Yarmouth (www.g-comm.co.uk) and are shortly to meet with Beach Radio so we may yet be giving race reports via the airwaves to their listeners in Suffolk - assuming one of us can be heard above the roar of the horses!!

Watch this space for a report on our first foreign sortie - North Norfolk doesn't count!

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