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A Voyage from the Past,
and One for the Future


The shape of things to come!

When we brought Pirate back to Lowestoft we travelled in company with two Broom 50's on trials with their new owners.   They had a cameraman on board who took some photographs of us and are shown here.   Visit the gallery to see more and see how she looks as she goes through the water with the spray flying and water running out of the bowthruster tube.   Incidentally, I asked Tom whether the bow thruster would slow us down in any way - he told me that it wouldn't be likely as it wouldn't be in the water when we were at full power!   As usual - he was right - the only way it fills with water is when we are ploughing through waves!

By the way, we have an automatic wave measuring device on board which was unintentional.   There is a ship's bell in the wheelhouse and when you fall off the top of a large wave - it rings!   I hope we don't hear it too many times in the race! 

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