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A Voyage from the Past,
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Progress at last and the Three Wise Men!

It has been some time since we were able to report some progress and/or good news but now we can.  

We completed the antifouling and boot topping and re-launched four weeks ago.   We were still unable to commission all the new navigation kit for the reasons previously described and that proved a bit of a problem.

However, Raymarine have now allowed us access to their trial software for the HD Digital radar which means we have at last been able to set it up although there are clearly some faults still in the system.   We are- so far as we know - the only boat actually running the kit at the moment and so we have offered to assist them in their development.   However, first impressions are that it really is a significant improvement on conventional radar and we look forward to seeing more of it in action.

In view of the fact that everything was new and untried we decided to wait for some reasonable weather to re-locate the boat back to Lowestoft  but we brought her back on 8 February and she went extremely well achieving 29.8 knots over the ground in a fairly lumpy sea and our confidence in Cummins engines and Brooms expertise remains undiminished.

We had our first full crew training event this weekend and went out around Scroby Sands and the windfarms as the photograph shows - though only one windmill was turning!   Again the boat went well in better conditions and we did see the "big 30" - although only for a short time.   She sounds impressive and the wake looks good too! 

The engines are being formally commissioned by Cummins on Wednesday and we can then begin to make some proper evaluation of her performance and whether we need to consider "tweaking" the props! 

The other picture is of the three wise men - or more properly - my other crew members.   It's not that they are camera shy - it's just I forgot to take a face-on picture once we had come back to port!   Watch this space!

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