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A Voyage from the Past,
and One for the Future


Back where she belongs!

The space where she has been for nine weeks is now empty and Pirate is back in the water again.   Back in the water again!We started the engines for the first time on Monday and they sound fantastic!   Much quieter that the old ones - just as David Johnson - Cummins Marine Manager - said they would.

We have had a couple of small problems with the computer side of the package but Tom is sorting them out with his (and Brooms) usual efficiency and then all will be well.    

The photograph shows the new ventilation we have had to install to get sufficient air down to feed the beasts - we discovered that the previous arrangement was totally insufficient but when I mentioned this to a former Brooke Marine employee who worked on these he said, "Oh, we always had that trouble - we ran with the hatch up!"

You can also see that she is riding much higher in the water with the new units and we reckon that we have lost about 1 ton in weight - should improve her performance a bit.

The next phase is to install the new Raymarine package and then we can get the engines commissioned and begin sea trials.   Christmas Day may well be spent off the East Corton buoy!!

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