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A Voyage from the Past,
and One for the Future

New Engines have been fitted.

One of the new engines being lifted into OP Over the past few weeks the old engines have been removed and the engine beds adapted to take the new engines.   The bays have all been primed and repainted and on Monday the crane arrived to drop them in through the roof.

I think watching the operation must a bit like experiencing childbirth!   However, both went in without a hitch - a tribute to the careful planning by Tom Brissenden, the engineer at Brooms who is in charge of the installation and the craftsmanship of John Squires my welder from JBS Engineering Lowestoft who did the adaptions to the engine beds to take the new engines.   If we needed confirmation that the decision to use Brooms and John was the right one, the last few weeks have given us that.  

Engines in place ready for fuel and electricsThe engines look good in their new home and there is much more space around them than the old ones.  

The new shafts are on order from Brimbelow Engineering at Catfield Norfolk who have supplied all our shafts recently and whom we trust completely.

Tom has now begun to connect all the electrics and ancillary components like Racors and new fuel pipework and we hope that the bowthruster will also be installed later this week.

All in all we feel that we are now making some progress although I suspect I will have to wait a little longer to hear what the new engines sound like!

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